Ride Ft. Manny Rite

by Astha

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After a long search for emotional freedom, here's a single following a two year hiatus.


And we fight, 
And we scream
We tell each other we don't need us anymore
I wanted to call, and apologize
Tell you that I needed you
I wanted to call, and let you  know
Letting you go was the hardest thing to do.
When you're scared to leave 
It’s time to put your fear aside
When you're afraid to say goodbye
You go for a ride
You go for a ride
And we kiss
And we hurt
We tell each other we can never live apart
I wanted to call and hear your voice,
Tell me that you needed me.
I wanted to call, and hear you say.
Letting me go was the hardest thing for you.
When you're scared to leave
It's time to put your fear aside
When you're afraid to say goodbye
You go for a ride
You go for a ride

Manny Rite Verse:

Oh man or lord
Leavin you was hard
No lie my word
It left me scarred
I still miss you but you was dissin
Had to dismiss you, you wouldn’t listen
Had to teach you
It was a lesson
For me too and a blessing
I learned that, if I came back
I’d be a setback, can't backtrack
And you say you don’t need  me
And I say that back to you
I bet next time you see me
How I’m looking gone haunt you
I doubt you'll find one like me
The way I used to flaunt you
I’m driving through the city
But I’m riding without you

You go for a ride
You go for a ride

Lyrics: Astha Tamang-Maskey / Manny Rite


released September 9, 2016
Song: Ride
Featured Artist: Manny Rite
Produced by: The Author (Rohit Shakya)
Written by: Astha Tamang-Maskey / Manny Rite



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Astha Toronto


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